Chertsey Bowling Club

Chertsey Bowling Club News story


23 May 2020


To all at Chertsey Bowls Club
At last something to talk about!  The government has relaxed some regulations around sport and the relaxation does apply to bowls.
Bowls England have sent some guidance indicating that it is now possible to play bowls in a limited way.  In summary:
1.  Only a lone bowler or two people can play on one rink.
2.  Only alternate rinks can be used.
3.  No visitors or spectators.
4. Social distancing of 2 metres must be adhered to.
5. All clubhouses must be closed although there may be access for toilets and hand washing.
6.  Sanitizer must be available for cleaning hands and equipment before and after playing.
7.  No scoreboards, bowls pushers, ditch markers, 2m distance sticks, chalk.
If anyone wants the full guidance please contact me with your name and email address.
However as all members are aware Chertsey is a council green and at the moment it is closed.  I have contacted the council to see when the green may open and what toilet facilities may be available.
When I have this information the committee will consider the best way to return to bowling.
I cannot be more definite at this moment in time, but hope you all appreciate the update.
Regards David Coller