Chertsey Bowling Club

Chertsey Bowling Club - Duties of the Marker

Duties of the Marker

Extracted from the Laws of the Sport of Bowls 3rd Edition.

  1. In the absence of an umpire, the marker shall control the game in accordance with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls.
  2. In the absence of an umpire, the marker shall, before play commences, examine all bowls for the imprint of the World Bowls Stamp, such imprint to be clearly visible, and ascertain by measurement the width of the rink of play
    Note:  It is not necessary to enforce (2) above in domestic competitions unless any one player so desires.
  3. The marker shall centre the jack and shall place a full-length jack 2 metres from the ditch in compliance with Law 25.
  4. The marker shall ensure that the jack is not less than 23 metres from the mat line, after it has been centred.
  5. The marker shall stand at one side of the rink, and to the rear of the jack.
  6. The marker shall answer any specific question relating to the existing state of the head while the player is in possession of the rink and when requested clearly indicate the shot if possible.  Note: The marker does not volunteer by word or intimate by sign ANY information whatsoever OTHER than that specifically requested to by the payer in possession of the Rink. The marker must at all times preserve a attitude of strict neutrality.
  7.  The marker shall mark all touchers immediately they come to rest and remove the chalk marks from non-touchers. With the agreement of both opponents, the marker shall remove all dead bowls from the green and the ditch.The marker shall mark the position of the jack and touchers which are in the ditch (See laws 29 & 36).
  8. The marker shall not move, or cause to be moved, either jack or bowls until each player has agreed the number of shots.
  9. The marker shall measure carefully all doubtful shots when requested by either player.  If unable to come to a decision satisfactorily to the players, the marker shall call an umpire.  If any official umpire has not been appointed, the marker shall select one.
  10. The decision of the umpire shall be final.
  11. The marker shall enter the score at each end and shall intimate to the players the state of the game.
  12. When the game is finished, the marker shall see that the scorecard containing the names of the players is signed by the players and the time of the conclusion of the game is recorded on the card and is disposed of according to the rules of the competition.
  13. The marker shall remove the mat from the previous end as necessary.