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Information on affiliations for 2021 - click here

07 Jul 2020

From: Howard Quinnell <>
Sent: Tuesday, 30 June 2020, 12:46:39 BST
Subject: Affiliations for 2021
Dear Colleagues,
I sincerely trust you are all well. 
I am sending you the instructions for completing the affiliations for the 2021 season. I am sending this early so you can start collating the information required. The system will open on the 1st October and close on 30th November when all payments will need to have been made.
As you know we returned all the fees with the exception of the Champion of Champion entries. We are carrying forward the entries into 2021 and I will write out separately how we will handle this competition.
The purpose of this note is to ask you to start thinking about gathering in the information you will need. Bowls Surrey have suggested that badges are awarded for all unbadged players that reach the County  Quarter Finals in the Open Singles, Two Wood Singles, Unbadged singles, Pairs, Triples and Open Fours. This is an excellent opportunity for unbadged members in your club to gain their county badge.
Please read through the below instructions and circulate your club members to encourage them to enter the competitions especially if they have not entered before and more especially if none of your club members have never entered the County competitions.
Lastly you may have seen notes circulating that the SCBA and SCWBA are to totally merge. Can I in this note state this is not on the cards. Numerous reasons stop this. All we are doing is to bring into line where obtaining your County badge for example is different. No total merger is on the horizon. 




                          Bowls Surrey


Affiliation notes for online submission which will be available from 1st October 2020 and NOT BEFORE


Web Address


Do not be confused by the name, this data base holds all the data for current and future programmes.


Data required for submitting the 2020 Affiliation for the 2021 season for the following categories of members.


All members – First/ Christian Name and Surname.

NB If playing in an age related competitions – Over Fifty Five Fours or Under 25’s then the Date of Birth is essential. The date of birth for a member who is also a member of another club would be helpful to confirm this.


Club Captains, Secretaries and Match Secretaries – First/ Christine Name, Surname, Land Line Telephone Number, Mobile Telephone Number and E-Mail Address.


Main Club Contact – First/Christian Name, Surname, Land Line Telephone Number, Mobile Telephone Number, E-Mail Address, Full Home Address.


Competition Correspondent – First/ Christian Name, Surname, Land Line Telephone Number, Mobile Telephone 

Number, E-Mail Address.


Details of what competitions the various correspondents wish to enter.


Bowls England have also now asked for Ethnicity and Disability. This can  be entered by clicking on the box and selecting from the drop down list.


How to input the data.




A panel will appear asking for your user name – enter your e-mail address and a password of your choosing using letters and numbers only. Enter this detail.




A panel will then appear under the heading Surrey County Bowls Online is the word Affiliates.


Select this heading.


A panel will appear showing Submit.



The next page will take you through the input process. Starting with Players select Men. If you are a Ladies single gender club select Women.


Players                    Men         Women


Officers                    Officers    General


Competitions               Men         Women


Year Books                  Men         Women




You will now be presented with the gentlemen members you had this year. On the right hand side of their names are three buttons; Black with three dots, green and red. You will need to insert the First/ Christian Name in full. If you do not do this you will not be able to continue. Press the button with three dots and this will expand the record to allow you to add Date of Birth, Land Line Telephone Number, Mobile Telephone Number and E-Mail address where necessary. You will not be able to add personal date for club officers and competition correspondents on subsequent screens, so please ensure all required data is completed. Click update and press the green button. A green button will appear on the left hand side of the record to show adjustments have been accepted. Pressing the button with three dots again will hide the second and third line. Continue this process until you reach the end. As you go through, if you come to a member who is no longer with the club, press the button in red on the right hand side. This will delete them from your membership total. At the end there are two further panels. One in green where you can add a new member. Click this button and you can add the detail for the new member. Again press 



update and the green button to confirm. The black button entitled transfer is where you can indicate if the new member has transferred from another club. 


Once you are happy with the input press save and then 

next and continue to complete the lady members.


At the end of the gentlemen and ladies listings is a total which should be the correct membership total going forward to next season and the number you will pay the affiliation fee for. If this number does not equal what you are expecting then a record has not been adjusted correctly and you will need to return 


and make the appropriate adjustment.


Select next again and this will take you to the panel where you can add your Club Captain/s, Club Secretary/s and Match Secretary’s. Use the down arrow in the box to select the member.


The top line allows you to indicate if you have a single captain covering both genders or by selecting men/women allows you to enter a separate captains for each gender. In the next box click on the drop down arrow and you will see a list of members. Select the correct individual and this will populate the relevant fields.


Once you have entered the Captain, Secretary and Match Secretary press next and you will now enter the Club Contact. This is the person Bowls Surrey will use to contact the club. Again select the downward arrow and click on the appropriate person. This again will populate the fields, but for this person their full home address is required to be entered as well. This needs to be entered manually. You will then be asked to enter a SCWEBA delegate, Men’s Club Champion and Ladies Club Champion. Again select the drop down arrow which will show the membership and allow you to click on the appropriate member. If there is no delegate or champion select No Delegate or No Champion. You cannot proceed unless you complete the boxes. 


Press next and this will bring up the page where you will enter the competition correspondents. Again for 



a mixed club, one page to gentlemen and one for ladies. For single gender clubs go to the appropriate page.


The two pages, one for gentlemen and one for ladies, 

list all the competitions run by each gender. Starting with the singles using the down arrow select from the list of players those entering this competition. Press the green button on the right to confirm and a green panel on the left hand side will appear indicating confirmation. Continue through the competitions until all correspondents are entered.Press next once the gentlemen competitions are completed and again once the ladies competitions are 



After the ladies entry form has been completed by pressing next brings up the panel to enter the number of Bowls England Yearbooks and SCBA Yearbooks required by the club. Just enter the total of each the gentlemen require. By pressing next again bringsup the panel where the ladies requirements can be entered. Again enter a total for each.


By pressing next again brings up a panel where clubs if the wish can make a donation to each Association’s respective Benevolent Fund. Again just enter a total.


By pressing next for the last time brings up a summary of members, officers, yearbooks and donations. 


You can at any time press the back button to take you to a previous panel. 


However, if you are happy everything is entered correctly press submit and this will seal your input.


All is not lost. If you find a subsequent correction is necessary, please e-mail me and I will make the adjustment.


Now select Fees and this will show you the amount of money you need to send to Bowls Surrey.


Payment, preferably online, should be made to the Bowls Surrey Account, Sort Code 309909, Account 



Number 27321768, enter Club Name in the narration field or by cheque payable to the Bowls Surrey and sent to the Bowls Surrey Treasurer, Howard Quinnell, 38 Snowdrop Way, Bisley, Woking, Surrey, GU24 9BL.


Payment should be made by 30th November 2020.


This coming season anyone unbadged player, lady or gentlemen will qualify for their County Badge if the they play in the County Quarter Finals in the following competition Open 4 Wood Singles, Two Wood Singles, Unbadged Singles, Pairs, Triples and Open Fours provided you have played six previous rounds. This means the entry in each Area needs to be in excess of 65 entries to qualify. If less you would qualify at the semi final stage provided six previous rounds have been played which requires an Area entry in excess of 33 per competition. Currently the area entries for these competitions is as follows:-


Gender               Ladies             Gentlemen




Open 4 Wood Singles    33                  80 


Two Wood Singles       37                  49


Unbadged Singles       23                  75


Pairs                  36                  72


Triples                25                  40


Open Fours             16                 29


We have circulated this early so you can contact your club members to gain all the required data prior to 1st October. It may sound strange, but the more entries you have from different clubs the easier it is to win your badge. So please encourage your members to enterespecially if they have not done so before or have had a break.