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09 Jun 2021

Hello Again … well the 2021 outdoor season has well and truly started.  How are things going in your Club?  I hope that all the information that has been sent out has been of some use.  Keep your eyes out for the next Guidance which should be out later in June.  Charlotte
Both Presidents have been out and about this month giving out awards to some very hard working people.  President Joe awarded the SCBA Leopard Award to both Peter Tapper from Woking Park BC and Dave Popejoy from Purley Bury BC.  President Charlotte awarded the SCWBA Loyal Service Award to Gill Sperring and Eileen Mills both from Epsom BC and to Gill Gawne from Sutton BC.  Huge Congratulations to all of the recipients for these well deserved Awards.
Congratulations to Jules Howard (Milford) and Gill Platt (Wonersh) who have both been selected as part of the Disability Bowls England Squad to attend Team England Commonwealth Games Trial & Squad day on 12th June at Waddesdon BC. Spectators welcome
Surrey competitions are now underway, it is important if you are a TEAM CONTACT that you enter your teams online or contact any of the Competition Secretaries, who will gladly do it for you BEFORE YOU PLAY THE GAME.
Please remember if you are phoning your result in, instead of doing it online, ensure that you contact the Competition Secretaries 
BEFORE 10:00 pm
For SCWBA Competition enquiries, please contact any of the following:
Jean Hewett Areas 1 & 3 07577 780740 or 01883 344028
Ann Rapley Areas 2 & 4 07757 676656 or 01483 487396
For SCBA Competition enquiries, please contact any of the following:
Trevor Prentice Competition Coordinator. 07867 307779 or 01252 871546
Colin Clarke 07412 955424 or 0208 3981879
Peter Staples 07552 109604 or 0203 5384119
Richard Turner 07956 324756 or 0208 6621846
For BOWLS SURREY Mixed Comps, please contact either of the following:
Robin Fudge 07812 348941
Shan Maylin 07906 959805 or 02087 890873
The Annual SCBA vs SCWBA game was played this month at Croydon BC.  The Presidents teams play against each other and this game is always a lot of fun and usualy starts off the season.  Lots of playful heckling across the rinks is usually heard.  This year however mainly we just heard laughter and the wind as it blew through the tree leaves.  Brrrrr it was a cold day.
Umpires Corner Last Months Question  
When is possession of the rink passed to your opponent?    
   Answer - After the bowl has come to rest, time being allowed for marking a toucher.
This months Question:  What happens if each player delivers the jack incorrectly on the same end?
Congratulations to Charlie Souter (Weybridge) who has been asked to attend one of the Bowls England Regional Test Events. The events form part of the preparations of the international players for forthcoming events, including British Isles, Commonwealth Games and World Championships as well as allowing the International Selectors to see the players.
ARE YOU IN AREA 3?  THE Ladies are in need of someone to help run the Area games for Area 3 …. Even if its just for this year please contact us at or call President Charlotte 07958 702611 to descuss what is needed.  Thank you
Emails Received this month - If you would like any of these emails please just contact me and I will forward them to you.
7th May - BE Comms Update.  Email details their plan to start sending out regular Newsletters on different subjects.  Please ensure that someone from your club has signed up to receive them.
13th May - Email regarding the Teignmouth Open.  
14th May - BE - County Update #1
14th May - BE - Trans and Gender Diverse Policy
20th May - International Trials/Performance Training - News regarding Septembers Trials being postponed until May 2022
25th May - Talking Bowls - Marketing Advice from Bowls England - Please let me know who your Communications Officer in your clubs are so that I can forward this to them.  BE are looking to run Social Media Masterclasses but need to know which clubs are interested.  If you are interested please let me know.
27th May - Tips & Tricks - Bowls England's Competitive Review - email sent by BE to all registered competitors - mentions Carol McGrail, Sharmista Patel, Pat Bourne, Charlie Souter & Nathan Beeson - it also includes a question very similar to our own 'Umpires Corner' ... am I being copied ??
28th May - Newsletter - sent to clubs that are signed up for it.
Did you see the Bowls International 3 page article on President Charlotte?  If you would like a copy email and I will forward it to you