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28 Feb 2021

Issue 2/2021
Wow ... And that was February! How are you all doing? Not long to go now and we can leave the house and start meeting other people again. Lets all hang in there and soon we will be back out on the greens. Take Care Charlotte xXx.
Emails From Bowls England this month - if you would like a copy please contact me.
4th Feb - British Isles Bowls Events 2021 - All Cancelled
15th Feb - Clubs Continue to Receive Financial Support
22nd Feb - BE Looks Forward to the Start of the 2021 Outdoor Season This email was sent out to over 3500 people in BS that have emails on the affiliation system - over 200 of the emails bounced! So if you didnt get it please email me at and I will forward it.
27th Feb-BE says Positivity continues to grow ahead of 2021 season
Are you holding any Recruitment Days this year and need help with promoting it? If so please send all details along with a copy of your poster or a picture of your Club to and I will post it on Facebook as an Event which means that local people will be able to see it.
As soon as more details about the BE National Open Weekend come out I shall send them to the Secretaries. If you want me to send this info to someone else in your club please just let me know. You should be able to register mid way through March.
The new Surrey Competitions online system will begin with the 2021 season. Competitions will be published Mid March. This online system will allow you to enter your competition results and to find out who you will be playing next. To use this system when it starts you will need to have a login for your account. Competitors should have received an email from the System to activate their account. If you haven’t done so, you should try and do it NOW prior to the draws being published.
If you are already using your account to apply for matches, you do not have to do anything.
If you have any problems logging in, please contact John Tucker 07846 367034 or Sheron Mitchell 07729 022091
Just to remind you of the website:
Your USERNAME is your email address, you make up your own PASSWORD. If you have forgotten your password, you are able to reset it via the system.
Horley Bowls Club is leading the way in Surrey when it comes to Online Promotion and Community Integration. This month one of their members has won the most amazing award. Brian Wilson has won the Borough Community Champion Award - Community Champion of the Year 2021 for his amazing work for the Club during 2020. A ‘Covid Steering Committee’ was established, meeting weekly under Brian’s leadership, to protect the Club and its members during the pandemic. Throughout, Brian worked tirelessly; he has attended every official meeting and has kept everyone in touch via informal communications both within the Club and also with outside bodies including other clubs and the Town Council. Hardly a day has passed when he has not been in the Club grounds, planning, directing, solving problems and doing the physical work on the green which is his real passion.
WELL DONE Brian and Well Done Horley ... You must be so
The Prime Minister has announced the roadmap out of lockdown and plans are now under way for this year’s bowls season. At a meeting today (27th February) after the Bowls England (BE) AGM we were given a view of what is in the pipeline for everyone in our sport. There are a lot of initiatives that will be announced over the coming weeks, but one thing we have to remember is that the plans could be disrupted at any time as a result of any changes to the governments restrictions and the Chief Executive of BE stated ‘we must be prepared understand and adapt’. On a positive note BE will once again provide us with up-to-date guidance on how to enjoy our sport safely. We can expect that BE will be contacting us with information and requests in the near future. Keep checking your inboxes.
We should look forward to 2021 with a degree of optimism and it is hoped that the National Open Weekend to be held between May 28th to 31st is an opportunity to help us increase club membership numbers. There are people looking for an outdoor sport to play after such a long period stuck indoors and we should fill that void. At today’s meeting we saw the attractive advertising campaign display promoting the weekend that has been branded ‘Bowls Big Weekend’. Please stay safe. Best Regards.
Colin BS Administrator
Last Months Question: A player when measuring, accidently displaces the bowl. What should happen now?
Answer -
The opponent should restore the bowl to its former position.
This Months Question -
When does an unmarked 'toucher' cease to be a 'toucher’?